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Rhidium is built out of love for Discord bot development, and has 1 primary goal: to make your life easier. Whether you're just getting started, or you're a seasoned developer, Rhidium is designed to simplify your workflow and help you create bots you can be proud of.

🤝 About

Rhidium is not a lightweight framework. It is built on top of the discord.js library, and aims to provide most of the core functionality required to bootstrap a powerful, modern Discord bot. Written in TypeScript, it provides the benefits of static type-checking and code completion in modern editors.

📚 Documentation

We provide multiple resources to help get you started on your project quickly:

  • Template / Example - If you're new here, the best way to determine if Rhidium is a fit for you is by exploring this complete example.
  • API Documentation - Once you're convinced, clone the example/template and check out the API docs to learn more about the inner workings and possibilities.

🙋 Support

Join our support server if you have any questions, feature requests or other feedback: